Filo Tables

With clean lines and a slat-top design, Filo delivers a sleek, contemporary look that is in high demand for both residential and commercial guests.
Filo’s designer Peter Homestead utilized the popular slat-top style and streamlined the design to create a self-edge that provides guests the ability to put multiple tables together. The self-edges line up against each other, so tables can be easily configured to accommodate any number of people in any setting. Filo also features a parson leg to provide extra legroom and a symmetrical style.
The fully aluminum construction of Filo’s frame has been one of Tropitone’s trademarks for more than 50 years because the material truly stands the test of time. The durability of the aluminum table holds up in any residential or commercial environment, and it is easy to clean.
The variety of table shapes, sizes and heights the Filo collection offers makes it extremely diverse. From tables designed to fit a small balcony space to a large hotel bar and lounge, Filo has the ideal size for every customer. Each made-to-order Filo table can be ordered with one of 19 frame finish colors to add a personal touch or to match any decor or style.